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Bula Tulum Loves: Red Vein Kratom

At Bula Tulum, we’re passionate about providing our Kratom lovers with a premium selection of Kratom strains, one to fit every mood and to indulge in at any time of day or night. 100% organic and triple tested for purity and safety, Red Vein Kratom is our reliable relaxer.

Perfect for soaking up the Tulum vibe, ask one of our Bulatenders to fix you up with a Red Vein Kratom beverage and make some Mexican memories. We tend to all tastes - if you’re a traditionalist, opt for a special tea. For those who like a bit of sugar and spice, sip on one of our Kratom Extract cocktails, or all three! Check them out on our new menu.

Red Vein Kratom

Named after the leaves’ red colour stem and veins, Red Vein Kratom is adored for its medicinal properties and is especially perfect for Kratom newbies.

Inducing a pleasant calming effect, Red Vein Kratom is widely used to relax the mind and body, relieve pain, and treat insomnia. Red Vein Kratom can even be used to prevent withdrawal symptoms from opiate misuse – we told you it’s a miracle plant!

Quick Fact: Did you know that Kratom leaves from different regions of Southeast Asia contain different levels of mind-altering active compounds? This is why different Kratom strains, from Red Vein to Green Vein to White Vein, have their differing effects and distinct attributes, making Kratom’s consumption endlessly fun!

Red Thai Kratom

Our Red Thai Kratom is carefully sourced from South East Asia, the birthplace of Kratom. It’s also one of the most famous and popular types of Red Vein Kratom – only the best at Bula Tulum!

Red Thai Kratom is perfect for unwinding, helping you to ease into the slower pace of Tulum’s beach life whilst hanging out in Bula Tulum’s relaxing atmosphere. For an equally chilled out activity, come paint your own Coco Cup at Bula Tulum which will automatically join you to our Rewards Program.

You can buy our Red Thai Kratom capsules and powder on our online store, giving you access to our super effective pain and stress antidote 24/7.

For more information on our Kratom strains, feel free to drop us a message via our website, Facebook or Instagram - we’d love to hear from you!

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