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A Beginners Guide to Kratom

If you’re new to the Kratom community, Welcome - Bula!

Being new to an experience is exciting, and having the right information makes it even better! Whether you’re enjoying a Kratom Tea or Kratom Extract cocktail in the Bula Tulum Kava & Kratom Bar or a product from our online store, rest assured you’re in safe hands. Below are some tips for a Kratom newbie so you’re ready to enjoy…

The Bulatini

Quality is Important

It's essential you exclusively consume high-quality Kratom. Our Kratom is 100% organic and triple-tested for purity and safety.

Easy Tiger - Start Small

While the effects of Kratom can be hugely beneficial and enjoyable, overdoing it can result in some non-permanent but uncomfortable side-effects, ranging from nausea, an upset stomach, a headache, or a sedative effect. If you were introducing someone to coffee for the first time, you wouldn’t give them a whole French Press now would you? The same rings true for Kratom usage. So always start small. You can always have another Kratom beverage if the mood feels right.

If visiting our Tulum Bar, our Kavatenders would love to discuss your use experience and suggest a personalised dosage. You can also check out our Look Book for further dosage advice online.

Flower Power Cocktail

Try Different Strains

Just like an alcoholic beverage, you probably have certain spirits you favour over others. Maybe Tequila makes you happy, and Gin makes you sleepy. Think about Kratom strains from this same perspective. Certain strains are particularly energising (White Vein), others hold pain reliving properties (Red Vein), and others a balanced mix of both (Green Vein).

Jungle Breeze Cocktail

So experiment, and find you’re perfect match for the time of day. With experience, you can start mixing your strains for a truly personalised Kratom experience. Our Kavatenders can help you with this too.

Combine with other Beverages Carefully

To get the best out of Kratom, we recommend not mixing with alcohol as a Beginner. This way you can truly connect with your experience and keep track of your consumption and receptiveness. Trust us, you won’t need any!

We also recommend you stay hydrated while drinking Kratom (hence the no alcohol advice). So make sure you’re sipping on some water or other soft beverages of choice throughout your experience.


We hope this was a useful Beginner’s Guide. Next time, more details on Kratom strains and their distinctly special properties.

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