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Yoga & Adventures Worldwide

so what sets us apart?

Sure, we’ve got incredible yoga teachers, mad planning skills, and 15 years of experience creating and orchestrating epic yoga retreats around the globe BUT we’re different and here’s why we may be the right fit for you :

• We’re BALANCED. Our yoga retreat adventures are a balance of self-reflection both on and off the mat, connection with fellow retreaters and locals, and exploring a culture while having a profound experience and a GREAT time! We serve wine with dinner and offer mediation after yoga class…we believe it’s all about good balance.

• We’re AUTHENTIC. Our retreat leaders and yoga teachers are approachable and down to earth. We love variety and encourage everyone to express themselves and be open to all.

• We’re TASTEMAKERS. We have a knack for finding the newest and hottest destinations on the map, sniffing out the best restaurants and nightlife, and incorporating unique experiences into our retreats.

• We’re PROS. We have been creating and orchestrating yoga retreats for 15 years! With all that experience, we have smoothed out all the travel bumps and have everything laid out for our guests so the immediate focus is to arrive and relax right into the experience.

• We’re FUN. We love dancing, drinking wine with dinner, and encouraging our guests to step out of their comfort zone as we explore our world together.

• We LOVE OUR JOB. We consider our clients our friends and have a long list of ‘repeat offenders’ who travel the world with us.

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